What do we do?

  • Versus Arthritis works with Northumberland CCG to offer Shared Decision-Making services for all patients with osteoarthritis of the knee and/or hip, to help patients feel more empowered to make informed decisions about their ongoing healthcare.
  • All our services are free for patients to attend and are run virtually or in local accessible venues.
  • We ensure all patients are given up-to-date, quality information on their healthcare options, such as; managing pain, diet, weight loss, exercise and the risks and benefits of surgery.
  • Patients also receive an information pack at each service.

How can our service help patients?

  • Give patients access to the information, support and services they need to make informed choices and take control.
  • Give patients the opportunity to share and hear about other people's experiences living with arthritis, to promote the value of peer support.
  • Help patients better understand their condition.
  • Help patients feel more confident to manage their condition, including symptoms such as pain.
  • Have the necessary information to make positive lifestyle changes such as reviewing diet.
  • Help patients feel less isolated.
  • Increase patients self-confidence.
  • Find out and get in touch with other local support services.

How can patients access the Service?

  • Patients can be referred by their GP, Link Workers, FCPs or JMAPS using the referral form provided.
  • Patients can also now self-refer themselves using this link
  • Patients will be taken to a landing page to explain the services and then they can self-refer themselves from there.
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